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Who We Are

Culinary God, LLC is a foodie movement spearheaded by Chef Tai Clark.

It is an experience that allows you to expand your pallet or dive into the cooking experience. She offers her clients an array of choices such as catered events, private dinners and cooking classes to name a few.

Part of Chef Tai’s desire is to bring Culinary God, LLC to the community that nurtured who she is today.

Meet Our Fearless Leader

Chef Tai Clark


Taiesha Clark, better known as Chef Tai, began her journey in Newark, NJ where she developed a passion for life and the go-getter mentality she is best known for. Life escorted her down different paths as she sought out her purpose in life.


In 2009, Tai received a degree in education. Shortly thereafter, she abruptly switched gears and, wanting to learn all aspects of events, moved to Las Vegas to attend culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu. She dove feet first into the world of event planning, mastering everything from hospitality to creating ambiance through food. She worked two jobs to put herself through the prestigious culinary school; a sacrifice she was willing to make for the sake of her vision.


In 2013, Chef Tai moved back to her roots and started a catering company, Culinary God, LLC. She has been serving up eclectic plates and putting smiles on people’s faces ever since. Chef Tai specializes in creating palette expanding experiences for her clients, is a recurring chef at the Newark International Film Festival and co-owner of the much sought-after Books and Brunch™.


Chef’s endeavors go beyond just cooking. She loves nurturing the minds and creativity of young people whether as a culinary arts teacher at Marion P. Thomas, a Newark based charter school, or as a chef coach for Yo, Stay Hungry. Both mediums allow her to use food to make a difference in her community. Next up, a community garden and unique dining events her patrons won’t soon forget.

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